Explore the Whale Watching Adventure

Coming to the San Juan Islands offers many exciting activities such as whale watching or cruising. There are specially arranged cruises that will take you in areas where you’ll have the opportunity to see whales closer than ever. Cruises start every morning and will offer you the opportunity to admire the calmness of the waters and the friendly whales up until evening. If you’re wondering where you can stay or eat, you shouldn’t worry, as there are hotels, restaurants and inns for every budget.


These islands are great for nature lovers and adventurous people, as they offer extraordinary experiences and incredibly close contact to marine wildlife. You will get the chance to spot Orca whales, sea lions, seals or bald eagles every day. The friendly captain will narrate the history, geology and wildlife of the islands. The experienced crew is part of a local whale spotting network which will guarantee the best possible opportunity to see many incredible animals up close.


If you come to the San Juan Islands, you will get to go on fully narrated tours and meet whales and other forms of wildlife and visit Friday Harbor, a lovely seaside town. You can engage in other fun activities such as kayaking, biking or hiking around the luxurious landscape. Also, if you’d like to organize private parties with your friends or family, we will offer special group discounts.

Come to the San Juan Islands and have an amazing whale watching adventure you will never forget.


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