Whale Watching With Kids

Not many holiday experiences can be as fascinating as going on a whale watching trip with your family and watching the world’s largest mammal cruising alongside your boat. It is perhaps, the most ideal way to acquaint your little ones with these majestic creatures and their natural habitats.


Factors to consider

There are parents who take their kids on whale watching tours as soon as they grow old enough to look through a pair of binoculars. While childhood is indeed the right time to introduce young minds to the different colors of nature, parents ought to consider certain things before taking their kids for whale watching.

  • Mind the age: You may swear upon your tiny tot’s naturally inherited love for cetaceans, but it is a truth that children under the age of five do not enjoy being confined in a boat for a long period of time. At an age of two or three, kids cannot sustain their attention and focus on a single thing and tend to have frequent mood swings.

  • Safety first: When taking your kids on a whale watching trip, their safety should be your first priority. It is advisable to plan the trip beforehand and take adequate precautions to prevent the kids from getting seasick. Be sure to check the weather and carry sunscreens, hats, sturdy layered cloths, rubber-soled shoes and other things which your kids may need during the trip.

  • Let them know: Tell your kids what they are to expect during the trip. Go out into the seas of the San Juan Islands on a Friday harbor ferry and enjoy magical sightings of Orcas, grays, minkes and humpbacks!